IPI Programs: Leadership Forum

NEW (October 2016):  A one-page “About the Leadership Forum” can be downloaded here.

The IPI Leadership Forum is a short (4- or 5-week) intensive course in leadership development, meeting once per week for 2 hours, for law students and Pitt Law graduates.

It is a free, extracurricular activity associated with the Innovation Practice Institute (IPI) at Pitt Law. It is not a law school course. There is homework, in the form of mandatory reading, but there are no exams or papers, and no grades.  Those who complete the full course will receive acknowledgement as “IPI Leadership Ambassadors.”

The IPI focuses on leadership because knowing yourself and your potential is part of innovation, part of lawyering, and critical to your future.


The IPI Leadership Forum meets once per week for several consecutive evenings during February and March.  Each meeting takes place from 7 pm to 9 pm.  Attendance at and participation in all meetings is required.

The IPI Leadership Forum is facilitated by Professor Michael Madison, Faculty Director of the IPI.

The IPI Leadership Forum is open to all Pitt Law students and all other members of the Pitt Law community, including law school staff, law school faculty, and *graduates* of the law school.

Course Materials:

The IPI Leadership Forum is organized around close examination and discussion of participants’ own experiences and goals, framed by a series of readings and by examples from contemporary culture.

The readings for the IPI Leadership Forum version are listed here:

https://www.rifflebooks.com/list/215542 (includes links for purchasing the books)

All participants in the IPI Leadership Forum are expected to read *all* of those books.  Copies are available via the Barco Law Library at Pitt Law and online in the form of inexpensive used and electronic copies.

Here is the course flyer for the 2017 version of the IPI Leadership Forum (click to enlarge/download):









Leadership Forum Flyer 2017